Coaching Program

Feeling a pull to something, to your purpose?

Lost with your work, purpose or career?

Struggling to get the clients you want?

Struggling to find Balance

Struggling to take action or are you in overaction?

Or are you taking Action & it's not quite going as planned?

If you are a Healer, Entrepreneur or Intuitive Changemaker who wants to ignite your soul into alignment with your life & business this is the program that will transform your soul & the reason you are here!





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The Perfect Alignment of You & The Universe Now.

This is an invitation to claim your divine timing, your purpose & Your True Essence here on the planet.

Stop being Misunderstood & start understanding yourself more.

Receive more clients or sales of your products.

Lead in a Feminine & Empowered Way

Align to your highest frequency

Open Your Soul Business or Activate Your Soul More In Your Current Work

Open Your Creative Flow More

Align in the Ebb & the Flow

navigate inflection points in Business & life quick & with more ease

Pivot into who you are here to be on this planet.

The Empowered Feminine Program


Group Coaching To Raise Your Frequency

Alignment to your Divine Timing & Soul Purpose

Strategy for your Souls business aligned with your purpose.

Strategy to navigate relationships & communication

Create a business as a healer & intuitive changemaker that aligns and builds your wealth & abundance across your 7 portals

Dive into an exploration of healing your own blocks, unseen stories, & capabilities with the support of an expert in quantum healing & the quantum field. Bringing together your Past, Present & Future to culminate into you truth & authenticity

This program is 9 months of magic with me - Eiran Trethowan - an Intuitive Coach & mentor. Creator of change & Divine living expert. It will include empowerment energetics & alignment with your feminine power so you can embody the woman you desire to be.

Leading your life in an empowered way so you can in turn empower & heal others & the planet

Take quantum leaps & learn to understand how this works & how to integrate & bridge energy between the gaps while your leaps as a woman

My Story

Transforming my pain into power at age 7, life threw me into the deep end with a life altering trauma, pulling the rug from beneath me. I was angry, had tasted freedom and joy, only to see it vanish, my bubble burst as I know many of you have experienced too.

This recurring 7-year pattern unveiled itself through disastrous relationships, career upheavals, and missed opxportunities just when things were taking off.

Marriage ended in chaos, careers torpedoed, and jobs changed right as they soared. Yet, amidst the almost predictable chaos, my business thrived as I evolved.

Then, my support system crumbled, mirroring the past when everything fell apart at 7. The moment I decided to become a mom, life underwent a seismic shift. It was a revelation of true friendships and a yearning to reclaim my essence, to choose without attracting negativity repeatedly.

Amidst the chaos of 2020, I became a mother, and the world seemed to explode. Success triggered others, revealing resentment. Blindly leading my life, I had to learn to trust differently and decided not to be the ‘Almost’ person anymore.

Becoming the most empowered version of myself wasn’t just for me but for a greater purpose – a spiritual journey in entrepreneurship, parenting, and life. I embraced the role of the matriarch in my own little family my final steps, where money and soul converge.

Now, in the Empowered Feminine Coaching Program, I’ve bundled up the lessons, victories, and the essence of it all. Winning doesn’t mean losing people; it’s about embracing your essence, no matter who comes or goes.

Join me in 2024 for a transformative journey where women pop like popcorn into the best version of themselves. No holds barred, we invite it all with compassion.

Eiran x

The Empowered Feminine.

9 Month Program

Month 1 - Heal the Abundance wounds to support you in your community

Month 2 - Heal Money wounds to ensure flow of income & prosperity

Month 3 - Heal Childhood wounds to remove patterns around being in service

Month 4 - Heal your body & expand your energetic field

Month 5 - Expand your divine feminine - embody your true essence

Month 6 - Expand your divine masculine - welcome in structure & boundaries

Month 7 - The divine union - the dance into creation & expansion

Month 8 - Let the magic happen. Time for integration & tweaking

Month 9 - Surrender offering and divine living. The final steps.

Elevate Your Soul

Elevate Your Frequency

Elevate Your Embodiment

The New Level you has arrived.

It's time to take the leap.

with Alignment to your Divine Timing, Your Divine Purpose, Your Divine Soul Path.

Alignment is available now.

The Empowered Feminine Coaching Program

Early Bird OPTIONS.

Book by 9 pm Sunday 28th Jan, 2024 for Fast Action Bonus

RECEIVE - Valued At $1111



Monthly Group Coaching Sessions to raise your frequency

Weekly Group Voxer (1 days per week) For Q & A.

Bi - Monthly Energetic Lessons

Bi-Monthly Group Healing & Channeling Sessions

Activations to Raise Your Vibration.

Embodiment Lessons & Much More.

5 stages of Empowerment Lesson.


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This was her story by the end of the program

The program helped me with my mindset, changing some old thought patterns. It supported and improved my relationships, both personally and professionally. This program has given me more clarity and feel more confident about the life I want and the person I want to me.

Each time I engage with you and your programs, I feel like I am more in alignment with the life I want to lead. Thanks so much Eiran- you never cease to amaze me with your talents and coaching 😘 xo

I feel so fortunate enough to be a part Eiran’s Programs. I feel so grateful to have been a part of this community with you during such a challenging year. With your guidance and the support of the members, I was able to regroup and rediscover myself.

This course taught me so much – not just about myself, but strategies to help get me back into alignment. Through meditation, journaling, reflecting, and group discussions, I was able to explore and steer my destiny onto a path that felt right for me.




Elicia x

KICK OFF - February 2024 - November 2024.

All Sessions will be recorded

Voxer Coaching Group Days will be Friday’s AEST weekly.

Trainings will be Thursdays 8pm AEST

Times and Days may vary with notice.

Total Cost $5555 Early Bird. (ends 4th Feb, 2024)

SAVING $2222.

Pay in Full Doors Open Price $7777

Weekly & Fortnightly payment plans are available.

Payment plan Early Bird monthly. $699 per month x 9.

Pay in Full Doors Open Price Monthly Payment plan: $888 x 9 payments.

Payment plan Early Bird fortnightly. $333 per fortnight x 18,

Pay in Full Doors Open Price Monthly Payment plan: $444 x 18 payments.